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Achieve a nonsurgical facelift with polydioxanone (PDO) threading at LUXE! PDO threads offered by Sherryl Shipes, DO, at LUXE Medical Spa in Frisco, Texas, are injectable, dissolvable surgical threads inserted just under the skin to tighten and lift up sagging areas. To benefit from this innovative, effective treatment for droopy, aging skin, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shipes using the online tool. You can also call the medical spa to speak with a team member.

PDO Threading Q&A

What is a polydioxanone (PDO) thread?

The PDO threading technique involves using absorbent surgical threads (PDO threads) to lift and tighten skin on your face. The threads boost the elevation of your skin and trigger greater collagen production to re-contour your face and add youthful tightness.

The threads dissolve with time and pose no harm to your health.

What areas benefit from polydioxanone threading treatment?

Injectable thread lifting is beneficial to areas of your face that start to grow lax with age. These include:

  • Heavy cheeks

  • Crepey neck skin

  • Jowls and jawline

  • Brows

Sometimes, PDO threading treatments are applied anywhere you have drooping, sagging skin, such as at the knees, under the arms, breasts, abdomen, and buttocks to offer a lift. Dr. Shipes may recommend PDO threading  for other places on your body for the benefit of laying down of collagen, which contains elastic fibers creating a tightening effect over time, as the PDO thread dissolves and is replaced by newly formed collagen.

How do PDO threads work?

During PDO threading treatments, Dr. Shipes injects a thin suture using a very thin needle into areas of lax skin. You undergo no incisions or blood loss. These sutures dissolve over the course of four to six months. In the meanwhile, the presence of the threads stimulates the production of collagen, a compound in your skin responsible for taut texture and smoothness.

The barbed threads feature tiny hooks (that are invisible to the eye) that latch on under your skin to lift your skin and give you the appearance of a facelift. The smooth threads are laid down in a lattice forming a mesh surface for retraction of sagging skin.  The twist threads are laid in places such as nasolabial folds or deep wrinkles where volume is desired.

Dr. Shipes applies a local, topical anesthetic prior to injection, too, so you feel very little during the procedure.

The needle pricks leave no to few visible marks, and you don’t have to worry about scarring.  The PDO threads do not produce an inflammatory response in the tissue. They have been used successfully in cardiac bypass surgeries to sew the bypass onto the heart for 35 years.  They are used all over the human body and do not cause appreciable swelling. The application of the barbed thread by rigid cannula can swell the tissue slightly, but this dissipates usually within one to two days.

How long do the results of a PDO thread lift last?

You experience a lifted, improved appearance immediately after injection and it lasts for about one year following PDO thread application. The sutures dissolve in about four to six months, but the new collagen prompted by the procedure continues to boost your skin’s health and look for up to a year after the treatment.

Dr. Shipes recommends maintenance treatments each year or so to continue to fight the signs of aging.

Get a youthful, lifted face and body with PDO threads. No surgery and no incisions – just a boosted look. Schedule a consultation online with Dr. Shipes today, or call LUXE Medical Spa to book.