Suffering From Hair Loss? PRP Therapy Can Help

Are you tired of looking in the mirror only to see someone you don't recognize? Hair loss doesn’t just impact your physical appearance, it can destroy your self-confidence. 

Sherryl Shipes, DO, and our team at LUXE Medical Spa in Frisco, Texas, understand the embarrassment and frustration hair loss brings. We want to help stop hair loss in its tracks, so you can feel more confident. 

You might not realize, but men aren't the only ones with hair loss and thinning. In fact, about 50% of women have noticeable hair loss. Thanks to advances in medicine, there’s hope for the 80 million Americans suffering from this problem. It's called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

At LUXE Medical Spa, we offer PRP therapy in a state-of-the-art, relaxing environment. Treatments are custom-tailored to your individual symptoms and applied using only the highest quality materials and proven techniques.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, read on to learn more about PRP therapy and how it can help you.

What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy uses platelets from your own blood to boost healing and new cell production. Platelets are the cells in your body that contain nutrients and growth factors. In addition to playing a vital role in blood clotting, platelets stimulate new cell growth. 

During a PRP therapy session, a team member at LUXE Medical Spa will draw a small amount of your blood. Then, the blood spins in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and create plasma.

Dr. Shipes then injects this highly-concentrated plasma of platelets into the target area to promote new cell growth. Risks are minimal since we use your own blood, but include irritation or soreness at the injection site and mild discomfort. 

PRP therapy treatment sessions don’t take long, lasting about 30 minutes. There's also no downtime, so you can get back to your daily activities quickly. 

Each treatment plan is unique and Dr. Shipes will work with you to create an individualized plan. Most patients receive monthly treatments for two to three months, then a six-month booster for lasting results.

How can PRP therapy treat hair loss?

Studies show that high concentrations of platelets in plasma cells promote hair growth. This is because the PRP solution prolongs the growing phase of the hair cycle. 

Since the PRP solution is loaded with growth factors, it helps stimulate new hair follicles. This leads to new hair growing in places that were bald or thinning before. 

While PRP therapy is extremely effective, results don’t appear overnight. Your new hair will begin to grow gradually, with most patients seeing noticeable results after about two or three months.

Am I a candidate for PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is considered safe for adults experiencing hair loss. Before treatment, Dr. Shipes will evaluate both your hair loss symptoms and overall wellness. 

If your hair loss is due to genetics, PRP therapy may be especially effective at reversing the problem. However, the treatment may not be ideal if you have medical issues such as lupus, thyroid disease, a bleeding disorder, or skin cancer. 

Are you ready to stop suffering from hair loss?

You don’t have to suffer from hair loss any longer. If you want to learn more about PRP therapy and what it can do for you, contact our team at LUXE Medical Spa. Visit our website to schedule an appointment and finally put a stop to your hair loss.

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