Incorporating Botox® Into Your Regular Beauty Routine

Considering Botox as a preventative measure can help fight premature signs of aging. Despite the procedure’s popularity, people often turn to expensive facials before considering Botox because of common misconceptions about the process. The treatment can serve as a minimally invasive solution in addressing fine lines and wrinkles. If you hope to attain or maintain a natural-looking, youthful appearance, adding this option to your arsenal against aging is incredibly useful. 

At Luxe Medical Spa, Sherryl Shipes, DO offers a safe and fast option that can help you reach or attain your skincare goals. 

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is used in safe doses as a treatment option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can make wrinkles look softer by helping relax your facial muscles. The procedure can not counter or combat natural damages like the loss of facial elasticity. However, you should consider seeking treatment when you begin to notice a loss of volume in your skin. 

There is no perfect age for undergoing Botox. You can counter creases and lines from imprinting themselves into your skin with regular treatments. Adding Botox as an option in your regular skin routine can help you require less maintenance in the long run. More clinics are now seeing millennials electing to undergo the process. 

What to expect from Botox treatments 

Dr. Snipes begins by consulting with you about the procedure and potential problem areas you hope to address. The process is quick and straightforward, targeting your areas of concern in as little as a few minutes. The amount of Botox you require depends on the shape of your face, the volume of your skin, and where wrinkles are most apparent. 

It can take up to three days to see your full results. There is no downtime, and you able to continue with your day as usual. Avoiding strenuous physical activity for at least a full day is recommended. Your results should last from three to six months. As it wears off, you may begin to see wrinkles reappear. Depending on your unique case, you may need several follow-up injections to achieve optimal results. 

Risks and side effects

Botox is a safe procedure with little to no side effects. 

Some side effects may include:

If these effects persist beyond a couple of days or worsen, contact your doctor immediately. 

If you’re interested in how Botox can enhance your daily beauty routine, call our office!

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