Now You Can Ditch That Double Chin Without Surgery
Double Chin

Now You Can Ditch That Double Chin Without Surgery

If your double chin is making you feel unattractive, but the thought of surgical procedures makes you wince, you should know you have other options. At LUXE Medical Spa in Frisco, Texas, our team expertly rids you of under-the-chin fat with safe, fat-busting technology that delivers real results.

Submental fullness, more commonly known as a double chin, is fat that resides under the jaw. It can be very hard to get rid of, even with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Sherryl Shipes, DO, oversees the implementation of Kybella® injections that swiftly and effectively deconstruct chin fat, as well as the application of  noninvasive laser treatments provided by SculpSure® to reduce the amount of stubborn fat under the jawline.  

What causes a double chin?

A double chin can occur in both men or women of any age, and it may be caused by any of the following:

  • Genetics
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Poor skin laxity

Your double chin can be reduced at our office using one or both of our fat-reduction procedures. Non-surgical fat reduction is a safe, effective approach used by over 170,000 men and women every year.


Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable medication. In just two to six treatments, this method of double chin reduction can deliver a smoother, tighter look that leaves you feeling years younger and much happier with your appearance.  

Kybella’s active ingredient is a synthetic version of your body’s own deoxycholic acid. When injected into the fat under your chin, it instantly goes to work to gently break down fat cells and help your body eliminate the waste products. Once these cells are destroyed, they can’t absorb additional fat, so your jawline remains tight. Complete results are usually seen three to four months after the final injection.


SculpSure is an FDA-approved laser energy treatment. Our technicians simply secure the headpiece, and you can relax while a warm, tingling sensation tells you your under-the-chin fat cells are being slowly but surely disrupted.

SculpSure gently and accurately penetrates the outer layers of your skin to destroy the fat cells; your body then flushes them from your system. People who undergo treatment with SculpSure for their double chin typically see results starting around six weeks after their first treatment, and results are complete after 12 weeks.

Dr. Shipes will create your double-chin treatment plan based on your own unique aesthetic goals. Most patients will need to set up multiple sessions. Fortunately, once fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good. If you maintain a healthy, low-fat diet after your treatment, your chin should stay looking younger and tighter. Using Kybella or SculpSure for chin fat loss means you don’t have to worry about a surgical procedure or a long recovery time. Most people return to their normal routine right after their treatment session.

Reduce your double chin with noninvasive treatments, and get the profile you deserve. Call LUXE Medical Spa today at 469-215-5576, or book your appointment online.


Hear From Our Patients

  • “Dr. Shipes is an expert in her field and takes the time to understand your desired outcome and suggests treatments that would best serve you. She is very hands-on in the clinic and ensures optimal results are achieved with each treatment. Beautiful results”

    - Francesca C.
  • “This place is breath of fresh air compared to other spas. The staff is not only incredibly knowledgeable and talented but they are so incredibly kind.”

    - Brandon S.
  • “Enjoying the results of my first PRP treatment - my skin already feels so much firmer and the texture looks great. Only 2 weeks in and the results are really impressive!”

    - Heather T.

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